Ojai Valley Bee Club

Heritage Honey in Ventura has honey and  beekeeping supplies, stop for a visit.

SWARM REMOVAL:  Call any of these people below.

Alicia Tharp805-231-8752   Alicia also manages the bee club swarm list if you

want to get a swarm to start a hive, so give her a call.

Frank Lyons 805-290-0770

Dávid Sipos 805-794-1117

Lisa and Ron Merkord 805-625-0635

Removal of established hives from structures and relocation of lives bees is available.

2016 Sept. Bee Club meeting location info:

Verify the location on Facebook!!!!

Thursday the 8th,  6:00-7:30 at the Ojai Valley Green Coalition Community Garden, 370 Baldwin Rd.  Help of Ojai location, follow signs to the "Land Conservancy", gate will be open 5:50 till 6:15 so BEE sharp and bring a chair.  GATED LOCATION.  ATTENDENT WILL BE AT THE GATE FROM 5:50 TO 6:15 .  IF LATE, CALL/TEXT 804-7214 AND SOMEONE WILL COME TO GATE TO LET YOU IN.

Our meeting place is always changing, see the Facebook of the Ojai Valley Bee Club Network for the current location if this info doesn't call out the location.



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